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Blues Jean Bar Express (July 2014)

I received my quarterly Blues Jean Bar Express┬átoday! I always get so excited when the huge suitcase of a box shows up on my front doorstep. The clothing was packaged beautifully as usual with tissue and twine. I didn’t receive as many outfits this time but I was happy with the variety of items I received. The only issue I had with this month’s shipment is that I would have liked it to be more summer oriented. After all, it was 85 degrees out and I was trying on long sleeves and jeans. I think that made me not love some of the items that I may have liked if it was October instead. I also did receive a duplicate item, this is only my third box so hopefully they keep a better eye on not sending duplicates – unless is a different size for an item, cause they’re really awesome about doing that if you need a different size!

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Influenster VoxBox “Vow Box”

I recently joined Influenster and filled out my profile. They must have noticed that I have been attending/will be attending many weddings lately and thought I should review some products perfect for a bride, bridesmaid, or guest!
Influenster is great and allows you to try out products geared directly towards your lifestyle and likes.

Here’s what I received in my Vow VoxBox!
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bite the bullet

Well, with my last major accomplishment behind me it’s about time I set another goal. One of my best crossfit/running/life buddies (who also ran my first race with me, the Finish Chelsea’s Run 5K) had enthusiastically agreed to do a half marathon! Yeah, 13.1 freaking miles of nothing but running. Anyone who knows me knows I’m not a runner. I run like a freight train with a mile long caboose. But, it’s about time I gave myself another goal and why not make it one that will benefit me in many ways.

We’ve decided to do the OC Half Marathon. The greatest thing about that is that my best friend is running the FULL marathon that day. Her first 26.2 ever! She’s like a freaking gazelle so she’ll kick ass. We’ll have to find a way to have cupcakes waiting for both of us at the finish line!

May 4th, 2014 it’s goin’ down!