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Batch Nashville (August 2014)

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I signed up for a single month purchase of Batch Nashville box just to see what it was all about. I love the idea of curated boxes with a specific region in mind. Since I’m a southern girl at heart a box from Nashville, TN is just up my alley! Here’s what I received in this box:

Ousley Ouch Mild Salsa – $6
I haven’t been able to try this salsa yet but it looks yummy! It is described as a chunky (my favorite) salsa with locally grown ingredients.
Walker Feed Co. Honeysuckle Sour Mix – $13
I’m a huge fan of amaretto sours and I think this mix will go perfect with some of the amaretto I have in my cabinet right now. Actually, I’m gonna go make a drink before I finish this post!

Nashville Chocolate and Nut Company Monkey Crunch – $5
I love banana chips, macadamia nuts, chocolate, and dried cherries. My favorite trail mix is one that includes almost all those things from Trader Joes. This is a great version of that same type of mix but with some other goodies thrown in!
Nashville Sight Seer Map – $5?
This item was kind of lost on me. It seems like it might be a nice map/screenprint for someone interested in it.
TruBee Lip Balm – $8
This was in the best packaging, a simple canvas bag with an adorable bee print. These two beeswax lip balms will definitely go to good use! I love me some honey!

Overall, this box was a win. There were a lot of items that I will use and it all fit together well with the Lazy Days August theme! Now to go make myself a second drink…


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