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Blues Jean Bar Express (July 2014)

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I received my quarterly Blues Jean Bar Express today! I always get so excited when the huge suitcase of a box shows up on my front doorstep. The clothing was packaged beautifully as usual with tissue and twine. I didn’t receive as many outfits this time but I was happy with the variety of items I received. The only issue I had with this month’s shipment is that I would have liked it to be more summer oriented. After all, it was 85 degrees out and I was trying on long sleeves and jeans. I think that made me not love some of the items that I may have liked if it was October instead. I also did receive a duplicate item, this is only my third box so hopefully they keep a better eye on not sending duplicates – unless is a different size for an item, cause they’re really awesome about doing that if you need a different size!


Alpinestars Summer of Love Shift – $127
This was a duplicate item. I didn’t like it the first time I received it, and I still don’t like it now.
Yosi Samra Two Tone Black Flats – $77
These are actually very comfy flats, and they can be folded up for easy travel. I’m just not a ballet flats kinda gal.

Marrakesh White Flare Jeans – $198
These were a great pair of white flare jeans, unfortunately they were a little tight in the thighs. White jeans scare me but these were a comfy and sturdy pair.
Blu Pepper Woven Top – $60
This shirt made me feel a little hippy-ish with the flared out arms. However, the stretchy top meant the shirt could be worn a variety of ways. It could even be stretched out over my shoulders and it was long enough to wear as a dress. I’m holding on to this to see if my mother would like it, this is totally her style.

Henry & Belle Super Skinny in Onyx – $158
I’m a complete H&B convert. I kept a pair from my first BJB box, and found out they had an awesome sale last month and purchased two other pairs of jeans! This pair was just as great as those but too similar to the pairs I already have.
Lady Jeans Ivy Top – $46
A long-sleeve shirt just threw me off. It wasn’t horrible, but it wasn’t exciting, and I don’t think I was gonna like anything long sleeved due to how hot it was outside when I was trying items on!

BJB Knit Top – $40
I actually really like this item but I’m again thrown off by all the long sleeve items in July! I think I’ll hold off in hopes of receiving some more season appropriate items. They do know they’re shipping to Southern California right?!
Fidelity Ryder Jacket – $215
This jacket was absolutely amazing….stretchy in all the right places, but sturdy enough to hold its shape. If I didn’t already have a jean jacket on its way to me that I purchased yesterday I would have been tempted to keep it! It’s pricey for a jean jacket but you can tell the quality when you feel it.

Joes Loose Rolled Short – $129
I was happy to atleast see one pair of shorts in my box! Unfortunately these didn’t work, but at least it wasn’t as miserable as trying on jeans and long sleeved shirts!

Marnee at BJB is normally pretty awesome at selecting items for me. This month’s shipment was a little off. Maybe they wanted to plan ahead for the fall, but there’s still a solid 2.5 months of heat before I’m anywhere ready for long-sleeves! I think I’ll be sending all the items back unless my mother can’t live without that shirt!

By the way, go check out the sale section on their website. They have some awesome deals going on right now!


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