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Bourbon & Boots (July 2014)

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I love everything Bourbon & Boots. I could own everything off of their website! They have a subscription box where they curate boxes each month from products off of their website. This month’s box was themed “Stars, Stripes and Southern Spice”.

Here’s what I received this month!:

Glicco’s Southern Dippin’ Ketchup by Elbow Foods – $8
This ketchup is actually pretty spicy, but it’s a nice unexpected kick from regular ketchup!
Mustard & Co Garlic & Dill Mustard – $6.50
I love garlic and dill flavors and this mustard was great, I just wished there was more of it!
Fire Dog Relish by Heritage Farms Cheshire Pork – $8.95
This relish smelled so spicy that I didn’t even try it. I’m a sissy when it comes to spicy food. It looks like it would be amazing on a hot dog or burger though!
Butter My Butt Apron from Country Deep – $21
This is just too cute! I have a few people in mind that this might make a good gift for. If I can talk myself out of keeping it that is!

I also received a 3×5 outdoor American flag that was perfect to receive right before July 4th! Happy Birthday America!!!

I didn’t like that this month was so food centered, I’d like for them to mix it up a little bit and maybe just have one or two food product. Other than that, you can always tell that they think out their selections and put effort into their boxes!

Check out Bourbon & Boots for awesome southern swag!


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