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Le Tote (June 2014)

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This was my last and final Le Tote shipment. I’d been using them for a couple months, but in the end there’s not enough days in my week where I wear non-uniform clothing. That’s sad, I know…but such is life! So anyways, here’s what I received in my last Le Tote shipment!
thumb__MG_3274 thumb__MG_6452_copy thumb__MG_9178

The first dress was a no-go for me as strapless dresses are just hard for me to pull off. The second shirt was cute but way too short for my long torso. I really liked the third shirt though, casual but a fun print and the mix-matched sleeves were cool too!

thumb_Earring12 thumb__MG_7826
I often love the jewelry that Le Tote sends. These earrings seemed like they were put together backwards though because they hung the opposite way, with the backside of the pointy part facing forward, so I didn’t wear them. I loved this hammered gold bracelet. It was big, chunky, and the perfect stand out accessory!

I’m giving Le Tote a break for awhile but they’ve been running a bunch of awesome deals lately. My BFF over at Beer & Whine has even started getting totes! Check them out and enjoy the Netflix of clothing!


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