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Stitch Fix (June 2014)

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Sigh. This was my 8th fix from Stitch Fix, and unfortunately the second month in a row that I sent EVERYTHING back! So disappointing.

After my first five fixes from Stitch Fix, I was in heaven. I was keeping multiple items from my fixes, and I felt like my stylist “got me”. Around my sixth tote, I felt the style was a little off. Then my seventh and eighth totes were just all bad, bad style, nothing like I requested, and hardly felt like they were even styled for me. After the second month in a row of not being able to keep anything, I’ve sent an email to Stitch Fix, and I’ve put future fixes on hold for now. I just can’t justify spending even just $20 only to receive items that don’t feel like they were picked with my style in mind. Ugh, I hope this gets sorted out…this will be a test of Stitch Fix’s customer service for sure!

Here’s what I received this month (and you’ll have to excuse the crappy photos, they just fell in line with the crappy clothes!):

Mystree Meridian Swiss Dot Lace Detail Blouse ($54) with Sanctuary Rizzo Skinny Ponte Pants ($88)
I was actually really happy to see that this completely sheer shirt came with a nude cami to wear underneath it. A common issue I had with Stitch Fix shirts (see below as well) is that they are so sheer and I’d have to buy another shirt to wear under it/it couldn’t be worn on it’s own. I’d now consider that a definite pet peeve! These pants were glorified jeggings. Super comfortable, but just not my style and felt too thin to be worth the $88 price.

Sweet Rain Ryan Embroidery Detail Tie-Front Tank ($48)
This just wasn’t me at all. I’m into embroidery lately but the ruffled sleeves felt very juvenile and the tassel took away from the delicate embroidery. Oh, and did I mention it’s completely sheer as well? Ugh.

Pomelo Blake Side Ruched V-Neck Knit Shirt ($48) and Gilli Lorna Diagonal Stripe Maxi Skirt ($58)
I wanted to love this v-neck shirt. It was so soft, the ruching hid all my curves perfectly, and it would be a perfect plain staple. However, it was sheer, horribly sheer. Why must Stitch Fix sent out clothes that are all see through? I don’t get it. If I was going to always have to wear something underneath it, that would have negated the comfort, and made the $48 that I was willing to pay for it no longer worth it. Stitch Fix and their sheer items are seriously disappointing me. The maxi skirt was actually great, definitely long enough for my tall frame, and a soft material. I have a similar one from a previous fix and in the end $58 for a basic jersey maxi seems absurd. I actually mentioned that in my March Stitch Fix comments when they sent a jersey swing skirt for $68 – thanks but no thanks.

Anyways, I’m waiting to hear back from Stitch Fix so we’ll see what happens. I’m disappointed right now so hopefully they can remedy this so I can continue to be a customer. Otherwise, I’ll just be sticking with Golden Tote and The Blues Jean Bar Express!


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