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Bourbon & Boots (May 2014)

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I’m a southern girl at heart. I say y’all and all y’all without batting an eye. So, Bourbon & Boots is near and dear to my heart. The website is centered around anything and everything that’s great about the south and offers up goods made by southern vendors, or that relate to southern style. Many many months ago I discovered they had a subscription box service of their own. I signed up and it was great, although a bit pricey for the items I was receiving so I cancelled after three months. I’ve ordered so many items from Bourbon & Boots that I decided to subscribe again! The box is $46 a month, however if you subscribe for 3, 6, or 12 months you get a little discount. I subscribed for three months and it came out to $44 a month. 12 month subscriptions get free shipping too. Head over here, subscribe and use the code HANDPICKED to get $5 off!

Here’s what I received in my May box:

2 Float Trip Kool Kans by Mollyjogger – $16
Seersucker Sunglass Snaps by Cottonsnaps – $22
Beeswax Bug Banisher and Unflavored Lip Balm by Tammy Sue’s Critters – $5 and $4
High Antioxidant Trail Mix by Allgood Provisions – $12

Overall I wasn’t too excited about this shipment. Not a lot of exciting items as I have no use for the koozies, and I’m not a sunglass snaps kind of person. If you’re really into all natural, unscented things, I’m sure the Tammy Sue’s Critters items are great – but I’m not. The trail mix will go to good use though on our upcoming trip to TX as flight snacks!


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