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Co-Ed Supply Mystery Boxes

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In my last Co-ed Supply box, I received the interestingly named “Hornie Corn”. Well, the man loved it soooo much that I went out on a search to find more. Unfortunately bags went for $3 a pop on their website, but I was able to find it on sale at Co-ed Supply’s website. They do not ship boxes out over the summer (likely because school is not in session) so they’re doing a HUGE blowout sale on their website. You can buy mystery boxes for very cheap, or just buy the items that you want directly from their shop. I couldn’t help myself and ordered some Hornie Corn for the man, a couple other items, and a “guy” mystery box and a “girl” deluxe mystery box.

The guy and girl box were awfully similar, but here’s what I received!

First the guy box:
Nume Savory Tea, Old Spice Deodorant, Pretzel Chips, Kind Bar, Sugru Fix It self-setting rubber, Towel Dry Styler, and some weird cd.
I don’t really have values for these things as it was a grab bag of items. This box cost me $9 and I think it’s alright. The deodorant will be used and the self-setting rubber stuff is pretty cool. Everything else just seems like they’re getting rid of inventory…but hey, they are, and that’s why it’s so cheap!

Now for the girls box:
There was a lot in this box, and it definitely had a better value than the guys box. I paid $20 for this one and it included: Jewelry Organizer, Sugru self-setting rubber, Blum face wipes, Fiber Love Bar, Ear cuff earring, Danger laundry basket, Hello toothpaste and toothbrush, Chai mix, Kind bar, Chia packet, Nume tea, Covergirl Mascara, Veggie Chips, Notatoes, and another weird cd and ping pong ball.

Co-ed Supply seems to rotate the same snacks around, but some of these items will be used and some will go up for swap. I ordered a couple more items from them that haven’t arrived yet (the Hornie Corn and a Bento Box lunchbox). My favorite item I’ve ever received from them is actually the Rapid Ramen Cooker. They have them on sale on their website now. If you eat microwaveable ramen, you NEED to buy this!


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