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Le Tote #2 (May 2014)

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This is my second tote from Le Tote this month. I’m just gonna cut to the chase today…Back in April I received a tote that had three Daniel Rainn shirts, well again on this shipment I received two Daniel Rainn shirts. I like the style, however, the reason I signed up for Le Tote was to receive items that would branch me out of my current wardrobe and to be able to mix it up a little bit. Personally I feel that when I’m receiving so many items from the same designer that it makes it less of a value to me. I reached out to them the first time and they sent me an extra item last tote, but yet again I received Daniel Rainn as two out of my three items! I’m going to email them again but if this is gonna be how it’s like from now on I probably won’t continue with them for the time being.

Here’s what I received in this tote:

The first dress was pretty, but I didn’t have an occasion to wear it during the time I kept this tote. The second two items are the two Daniel Rainn shirts. I really liked the blue one, but I’ve received five Daniel Rainn items between the last two totes. I’m not sure if they’re trying to press a new partnership on subscribers, but especially after I reached out last month mentioning this exact same thing, I’m a little bummed.

Here’s the accessories I received:

I’m a fan of the bracelets Le Tote carries. I have fairly large hands and sometimes can’t fit bangles without a hinge on my wrist! I wanted to love this silver claw necklace but it was really short, and I would have liked it a lot more on a long chain.

Here’s to hoping next tote offers a little more variety!


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