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The Blues Jean Bar Express!

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I recently found out about this great company, The Blues Jean Bar, and an even better service they have called Blues Jean Bar Express! Basically you pay $1 – yes, one single dollar – and they’ll send you three to four outfits styled just for you based on your style and sizing profile. Whatever you like you can then keep and they’ll charge your for it after you send back the rest, simple as that! They carry the highest quality jeans (Hunters, Joes, etc) and only the best shirts, dresses and footwear as well. 

Marnee over at Blues Jean Bar sent me some clothes to review, and I have to say, I love them! I unfortunately messed up my size profile and wasn’t able to keep anything but I’m hooked on the high quality clothing and the fact that I can try these items on in the comfort of my own home. The clothes are definitely high end, but you get what you pay for!

Here’s what I received:
Henry & Belle Trouser Shorts – $134
Alpinestars Cecile Silk Blouse – $189
I’m really hoping for these shorts again in a size up for my next box, they were so comfortable and the color was perfect for summer! This silk shirt was so lightweight and I liked the cross style in the front however it was a little to small for my chest and didn’t look right.

Oh the jeans! Jeans are obviously what The Blues Jean Bar is known for, and they carry only the best!
Joe’s Straight Leg – $188 (on the left)
Hunter Seduction High Rise Straight Leg – $170
I loved the Hunter jeans, they were super long (great for my 5’10” frame!), and I can’t say no to a dark wash. Unfortunately both were a size too small so both had to go back.

Image  Image  Image
Lady Jeans Blouse – $49
Elizabeth Chronicles Seaux Chic Tee – $38
Alpinestars Summer of Love Shift Dress – $127
This black top is something I’d normally wear; sheer, flowy, and black. But I just didn’t love it enough to keep it. The Seaux Chic tee was softer than any other tee I’ve ever felt. I want sheets and blankets like this tee! The shift dress just wasn’t me at all. The dotted leather and textured striped fabric together was way too fashion forward for me to pull off!

Image  Image
Yose Samra Leopard Pony Hair Flats – $77
Leila Lou Roll on Fragrance and Body Lotion – $57
The shoes would have been cute for someone who could pull off leopard hair flats, for me they just didn’t work. The fragrance and lotion was a little extra from BJB and while I loved the smells of both items, I’m already stocked up on enough fragrance/body lotion items for myself and others as gifts!

Despite the fact that I wasn’t able to keep anything this go-round, I chalk this up as a complete win! I was able to see first hand the high quality of items that BJB sends out, and I already can’t wait to receive my next box! The customer service with BJB is one of the highlights as well, hopefully as they continue to grow they stay so grounded with reaching out to their customers. Awesome customer service goes a long way! Head on over to Blues Jean Bar, sign up for their Express Home Delivery, and tell them I sent ya!


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