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Stitch Fix (May 2014)

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This month’s fix was a DUD! I was so disappointed! It seems like a lot of my friends did not have a good experience with their fixes this month either… I wonder what the general problem is!
Anyways, the great thing about Stitch Fix is that you pay $20 for a personal shopper to curate a fix of 4-6 items just for you based upon your specific sizing guidelines and style profile. That $20 then goes towards any items that you choose to keep, and the items you don’t want you just send back and you’re not out a dime. If you love everything you get a 25% discount too! I’m still waiting for the day that I can keep all of my fix and take advantage of that 25% off!

Here’s what I received this month:

Level 99 Caius Straight Leg Jean – $98
Olive & Oak Tria Tie-Dye V-Back Tank – $48
Papermoon Charlotte Airy Knit Drape Front Cardigan – $48

The white cardigan was just horrible. The sleeves were too short and it reminded me of something my grandmother would knit. Pair it with the dreadful blue tie-dye tank and it make for a horrendous outfit! I’m just completely NOT a tie-dye kinda gal. The jeans actually weren’t terrible. I liked them but they could have been a little bit smaller due to the stretchy fabric, and the grey color didn’t flatter me.
VERDICT: ALL sent back!

41 Hawthorn Sheila Bead Collar Detail Dress – $78
I didn’t hate this dress, at all. I actually loved the mint color on me. However, it was screaming the need for a belt, and I had absolutely nothing in my wardrobe that could complement it. The bead detail at the top as well threw me off. It made it hard to dress it down. 
VERDICT: Sent back.

Laila Jayde Shanon Colorblock Highlow Maxi Dress – $118
I loved this dress, I really did. However, I could not stomach the $118 price tag for what was essentially a jersey color block maxi dress. Even with the highest quality material (which it was decent/not sheer etc), $118 is insane! I wrote in my comments that I felt the pricing of my items was pretty inflated this fix, and while I will pay more for high quality items – only when it’s warranted!
VERDICT: Sent back.

Yep, that’s right. I kept nothing this time! I was bummed that there wasn’t a single item that was worth keeping for me. I really feel like my stylist missed the mark this time. It was a combination of largely misjudging my style and then pricing. I understand that part of the Stitch Fix deal is paying for convenience, but it still has to be within reason for me!


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