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Le Tote (May 2014)

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My first Le Tote of May was a little disappointing. I actually liked the shirts but they were all the same brand so all very similar to each other. I wore two of them and decided against wearing the third so I guess I technically got good use out of them!
Here’s what I got in my first Le Tote shipment this month:

These shirts were all by “Daniel Rainn” and all had the exact same style sleeve, neckline, and cutouts. I wore the tank with the gold arrowhead necklace that I bought from Le Tote a few totes back and wore the green one out to brunch on Sunday. I never got around to wearing the navy/black one but it felt so similar to the other two it didn’t seem like I was really missing out.
My jewelry was pretty lackluster this fix as well. Unless things start livening up, I will likely cancel after my current deal runs out.
I’d received that bracelet before in that same color and in a different color. I did like the earrings though, although simple and black as well.

Here’s to hoping the next tote is a little more fun!


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