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Le Tote #3 (April 2014)


I managed to get in three Le Tote shipments this month! I definitely got my money’s worth! Also, my wonderful neighbor (shout out to you EP!) used her fancy camera skills to snap some real pics of my clothes this month. I’m torn between keeping both the dresses because the blue one seems so perfect for a wedding I have coming up and the hi-low one is perfect for summer! The other issue is both dresses are $60 and I’m not quite sold that they’re completely worth it. Thoughts? (Also, I realized looking through these pics I’m so awkward posing for the camera….)

I love the hi-low, and of course it pairs perfectly with a pair of cowboy boots!

I was surprised at how flattering I thought this looked on me, my only restraint was that it may be a little short (darn long legs!)
Ohhhh but alas, it has pockets! Who can say no to pockets? Also that bracelet I received however it felt cheap to me, so I knew as soon as I put it on it would be going back.
These earring were simple but cute. At only $12 I considered keeping them.

I was surprised by this top as well. I thought the cinching around the bottom would be unflattering on me but I actually liked it a lot. I would definitely need to always wear a tank underneath it though.
This skirt was the last item, it was alright but I don’t wear skirts like this often or ever anymore since I’ve changed jobs. It was weird enough to be back in a blazer!

I’m considering keeping the blue dress and maybe even the hi-low, but I need to narrow it down to one! Le Tote has been killing it with their clothes lately, especially receiving three totes in one month it was really worth it!


2 thoughts on “Le Tote #3 (April 2014)

  1. Does the monthly fee get credited towards what you decide to purchase or do you pay the monthly fee in addition to what you keep? And I totally agree about pockets on dresses! Cute!

    • Unfortunately it’s not like Stitch Fix where the monthly fee gets credited towards any items 😦 You pay the base fee and then have to buy any item you want to keep (although they do give you a very good discount off retail price!) In regards to Le Tote vs. Stitch Fix, I see Le Tote as a way to play dress up each month – and Stitch Fix as a way to shop at home!

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