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Le Tote #2 (April 2014)

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I received my second April Le Tote just in time to take some of the items on my trip to Catalina Island with the man and his family. Here’s what I received in my second tote this month!


This shirt was my favorite out of the bunch. I wore a black cami underneath and embellished it with some gold jewelry to match the gold studs around the collar. I thought about keeping it but ended up sending it back due to the ~$40 price tag.

This dress unfortunately was too large so I never got to wear it. Per the website this French Connection dress has a retail value around $200 though, crazy!

I received another shirt that was too large and the picture on their website was blurry so I’m not including it. They listed it as a pre-release item but it was just a plain navy tshirt blouse. Here are the jewelry items I received:
I’d received this same bangle in a different color before I believe. The arrowhead necklace however, I loved! It was long, the black textured shimmery arrowhead was raised from the gold backing. Everything about it, I knew as soon as I put it on I was going to be keeping it. At $18, I consider that a steal!

I received an email today that I should be receiving my next Le Tote shortly, I can’t wait! I’m hoping for more spring/summery items as it’s been back to being warm this week.


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