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Le Tote (April 2014)

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I received a new Le Tote shipment this week and I actually loved a lot of the items this time! I contemplated keeping a shirt, but I think if I really tried I could find a cheaper version at Forever 21 or something. I may still end up keeping it, I’m so undecided!

Here’s what I received:

This first shirt fit me weird so I never ended up wearing it. It was also a think silky material that I just didn’t like. I think it would look super cute on someone with a smaller frame like in the picture. The second shirt was fun but a little short and I’d *always* have to wear a tank underneath it because I have such a long torso. The color blocking and bow details were great through! These earrings were a miss for me, just not a fan.

I wanted to love this necklace cause I don’t have anything like it but the metal and plastic mix felt too cheap for me. This shirt was the one I wanted to keep. I loved the light feel and it is a perfect spring transition piece! I actually wore it out last night with some skinny jeans and new sandals. I saw a picture of myself however and I’m not sure it’s as flattering as I thought. At $40 to purchase it, I may just send it back. The pink bracelet is fun and vibrant, but maybe a little to vibrant for my wardrobe!

I think all of these items will be going back and I’ll await my next tote! 🙂 I purchased an awesome deal from RueLaLa for another two months of totes, I’m excited to keep the fun going! Sign up for RueLaLa and check out the deal for yourself, its a great discount!


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