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Stitch Fix (March 2014)

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I skipped February because my wallet needed a little break from Stitch Fix! I stalked my box when I got the email that it shipped and based off of the names of the items (and a little bit of google-ing I did) I was so excited to receive it! Unfortunately most of the items disappointed, and the price points seemed very high for the items this month as well. Anyways, here’s what I received:

Pomelo Spencer Striped Jersey Dress – $54
I loved the feel of this dress, and I was actually surprised that it was kinda cute…but it seemed a little on the pricey side ($54) for a thin jersey dress. If I wanted to, I could find a just as well made dress somewhere else for cheaper.
VERDICT: Sent back!

41Hawthorn Harriet Aztec Print Fit and Flare Dress – $64

This dress was one that I found online before it came and I was hoping to love it. The pattern is great and it is perfectly my style! Unfortunately, it fit me weird. Where the black fabric meets the white patterned fabric it puffs out in a weird manner (possibly due from the way the seam was sewn) and it made my midsection look weird.
VERDICT: Sent back 😦

LA MADE Logan Jersey Swing Skirt – $68
I didn’t even snap a pic of this one because it was so, well, boring! It was a fun tealish green color but for a basic jersey skirt, $68 seemed absurd! I can go to old navy and get four skirts for that price that are exactly the same!
VERDICT: Sent back!

Miilla Isabella Crochet Scoop Neck Cotton Tank – $58
I knew I wasn’t going to love this shirt. It’s just too….grandma-ish for me. Looking at the picture now it doesn’t look all that horrible, but it’s definitely not my style…and definitely not for $58. A lot of the items this month seemed way overpriced!
VERDICT: Sent back!

41Hawthorn Moni Stud Detailed 3/4 Sleeve Blouse – $58
This was one of the items I specifically asked for! Granted, I wanted the horseshoe print version, but I actually love this one too! I didn’t realize how sheer it was, so it needs an undershirt but the blouse is very well made and I’m a sucker for the arm detailing and that little U of studs!
VERDICT: Kept, hooray!

Overall, I was happy I finally got my hands on a Moni Stud blouse, but I was a little disappointed by the overpriced nature of this fix…especially for jersey fabric items. I mean come on, it’s essentially tshirt fabric! Aside from the crochet tank, everything was right on style though so that’s always good!

On a side note: I received an Elizabeth & Clark box and *none* of the items fit (too big!). If you’re interested in some of their items, I’ll offer them up at a great price or for a swap? They’re all size 12/L and white blouses from the Spring 2014 E&C collection. Email me if interested! 🙂


One thought on “Stitch Fix (March 2014)

  1. Its funny you didn’t like the blue lacy top because when I was scrolling through reading I actually said out loud, “what a cute top on her”. funny how our perspective is so much different!
    Fingers crossed our May Fixes are better than April’s though!!

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