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Le Tote

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I found out about Le Tote through Gilt City – a daily deal site like Groupon and LivingSocial but a little more high class. I went out on a limb and with a nice little 50% code bought a two month subscription to Le Tote. Le Tote is a clothing rental service. You subscribe and they send you 4-5 clothing/accessory items, you keep them and wear them as long as you would like and then return the box, in a couple days you’ll receive a second box and the process starts over again! You can keep receiving boxes as quickly as you can wear the clothes and return them with the included postage paid envelope. After receiving two boxes the normal turnaround time for me is five or so days.

I unfortunately don’t have any photos of me wearing the clothes from my first box as the fit was off on some of the items, and I received the box right before the start of my work week so I couldn’t wear anything. Anyways, these are the pictures from Le Tote’s site for the first items I received:
The green houndstooth shirt was adorable! I wanted the black dress to fit but because I’m so tall the high part of the high-low was a bit too short. The fun pattered sweater I loved as well but the sleeves were more like 3/4 sleeves on me.

I liked the scarf, but in 80 degree weather it didn’t get any use. The earrings weren’t quite my style.

That box got sent back without anything being worn but the next one was a success! I received this fun vest made of the silkiest material…

And this gorgeous dress (sorry it’s not stylized, I took this pic before work!), that I ended up keeping! That’s another great thing about Le Tote, if you like something you just keep it and they’ll charge you for it. All the prices for clothing are on their site. This dress cost me $45.

I also received these earrings (which I didn’t like at first but were really cute on), this classic and casual shirt, and this horrible necklace. Totally not my style! You can also leave feedback on their website, and even mark items which you really like. I’ve received multiple items that I marked as my “favorites”.

I should be receiving my next Le Tote box soon, hopefully it’s as great as the last!




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