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Stitch Fix (January 2014)

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It’s no secret that I’m addicted to Stitch Fix. I’ve gotten more than a couple of fixes now, and I’ve almost always loved everything I’ve gotten. This time was no different, unfortunately I only kept one item because of price/size issues. I also only had about 30 minutes to try everything on one day before work so I’m having to bootleg pictures from online, I apologize!

I received 6 items this month because of a mishap last month, but Stitch Fix’s customer service was really great about it. Here’s what I received:

First was a Mystree Donallan Striped Button-up Cardigan (I couldn’t find a picture of this one). It was $48 but it just didn’t fit right. The sleeves were way too short… the perils of being 5’10” and having long arms and legs. And the buttons created that awkward chest button gap on me, so I’d never be able to wear it buttoned up.

Next was another Mystree piece, their Arwen Aztec Front Draped Cardigan. I LOVED this piece, but I’d just bought an aztec style cardigan from Old Navy a few weeks prior which was for one only $30, and actually made of heavier, warmer material than this piece. At $88, it just wasn’t worth it.

Next I received a cute dress from Nick & Mo, their Kara Belted Chiffon Dress. I wanted to love this dress, it was cute, feminine and definitely different from anything I had. In the end, I just didn’t look good in it. It was fairly cheap though at only $28. I actually just found this dress on the Nick & Mo website, and it’s $88 on their site, called the “Lost in You Tunic Dress” – great deal if you were to get it through Stitch Fix for $50 cheaper!
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.26.44 PM

I received another tab sleeve blouse that I wanted to love, but I could barely get it over my broad shoulders. The Under Skies Pamplona Abstract Floral Tab-sleeve Blouse, for $58. The shirt was fun and colorful, but it was a definite no-go.

I also received a maxi skirt from Chris & Carol, I received a similar maxi skirt a couple of fixes ago..but this one was significantly shorter and had a weird slit on the side. Being tall, a maxi skirt has to be looooong. At $58, this was a definite return.


My final piece was the only one I kept, the Sweet Rain Alan Cowl Neck Asymmetrical Jacket. This one was love at first sight. The asymmetrical zipper, the cowl neck… and then the softness of the jacket only made it better once I put it on! The only downside of this jacket is it’s dry clean only 😦 At $58 (minus my $20 fix fee), it was an easy investment. The jacket can also be found at ModCloth here (and in other colors too!). My mom loved it so much when I wore it out that she wants one for herself!
Screen Shot 2014-02-02 at 8.42.12 PM

I decided to cut back for financial reasons and won’t be receiving my next fix until the end of March 😦


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