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The Cravory (January 2014)

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I received my monthly box of cookies from The Cravory about a week ago but was disappointed when I opened it up to see all the same flavors as last month! I sent a quick email to The Cravory, and within a few days I had another box sitting on my porch with all the correct January flavors. I was however still a little disappointed as the flavors this month are all very ordinary and none of the fun, interesting flavors as months past. That being said they are all still very delicious, and the regular sugar cookie was my favorite!

The flavors this month were: Double Chocolate Chunk, Oatmeal Raisin, Snickerdoodle, White Chocolate Macadamia, Nutty Chocolate Chip, and Sugar Cookie.

I still have yet to receive a dang red velvet cookie! What’s a girl gotta do to get a red velvet cookie?!


You can’t tell me those don’t look amazing! Or even a lemon bar cookie… yum!



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