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Addicted to Stitch Fix (November)


I found out about Stitch Fix about three months ago from MySubscriptionAddiction and I’ve been hooked ever since! I’ve loved almost all the items I’ve received and I’ve only kept 1 to 2 items each month purely because of cost. Here was my “fix” for November, the box was bursting at the seams!:


First the items that I didn’t keep:
41Hawthorn Stacked Oval Charms & Gem Necklace – $32
It was cute but I just didn’t love it, I’m not a big jewelry person so it wouldn’t get much wear unfortunately.


La Made Antonio Geo Print Toggle Closure Cardigan – $106
The price point was a bit high on this one, but it was a very high quality cardigan and the material was amazing. I didn’t love the pattern on this one, but this item confirmed that the Stitch Fix stylists ARE listening to me. I asked for an aztec/tribal print cardigan and my stylist wrote on my note that they didn’t have any at the time, but this was the closest thing to it. I give Stitch Fix major points for that.


Olive & Oak Arrington Contrast Trim Sweater – $68
I hated this item when I pulled it out of the box, it looked like something a grandmother would knit. Little did I know, I loved it once I put it on. It was SO soft and actually fit rather well layered with a tank underneath. Unfortunately once I put it on I noticed one of the arms had a snag and I couldn’t rationalize keeping a damaged piece, so back it went!


Here are the items I fell in love with and kept!
Tart Saffron Abstract Print V-Neck Dolman Top – $55
I loved the print on this shirt and the material was so soft yet stretchy. The stylist recommended it paired with skinny jeans and I think that’s exactly how I’ll wear it!


41Hawthorn Ivy Solid Tab Sleeve V-Neck Blouse – $68
I told myself no when I first saw this shirt because I have soooo many in this style, but I put it on and didn’t wanna take it off. But really, I only took it off to take the tag off then I wore it out the rest of the day shopping with Trav for our gallery wall (post on that coming soon!). It looks rather plain in the pictures but I styled it up with a maroon infinity scarf and it was perfect!


Overall, this fix was another success. They even included a little “holiday kit” which had a $50 gift certificate to The fine print only says the minimum purchase is $51 + a $10 shipping charge. $10 for $51 of wine, I’ll take it!

I wrote back with detailed comments as always, and of course I’m already looking forward to December’s fix! If you want to try your own fix head over to their website, fill out your detailed personal profile, pay $20 for the styling/shipping and sit back and wait! I’ve given very specific notes and feedback and I’ve always received great items! The $20 styling/shipping cost goes towards any item you keep so its really a no-lose situation!


2 thoughts on “Addicted to Stitch Fix (November)

  1. I’ve always kind of wondered about stitch fix….in the event that I don’t like anything or want to keep it I just paid $20 for nothing….I’ve been debating a few now that Husband gets his box every month and I’m slightly jealous…I was thinking of klutchclub or mistobox…so if you try out any of those, let me know what you think 😉 I know everyone loves birch box but I guess since I’m not so girly when it comes to beauty products/make up I wonder if I’ll actually benefit from it ya know? I do LOVE some of the kid oriented ones so I can’t wait to be able to get those!! I got m-buddy a gluten free one for her birthday and she seemed to really like it. and clearly hubs loves his mystery tackle-box!
    Can’t wait to see this gallery wall!!!! I’m so excited to start our family/marriage/wedding entry way collage once we officially are homeowners!

    • I’ve tried klutchclub before and I wasn’t a huge fan. Seemed like more random small samples and it kinda just missed the mark on what I was expecting. Ill have to look into misto box. Maaaaybe ill have to gift a stitchfix to someone to see what they think! 😉

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